Sericulture is an age old Agro Industry of the UT and serves as subsidiary occupation to a large section of population. The mandate of the Sericulture Development Department is to propagate mulberry plants, assist farmers in conducting silkworm rearing, organize cocoon market and develop silk reeling in the private sector.

In the District there are 07 Mulberry nurseries over an area of 490 kanals where from yearly about 0.60 lacs Mulberry saplings are produced annually. In these  nurseries 70% saplings are raised only of exotic and improved varieties.

Also there are 22 Mulberry Blocks/ Farms covering an area of 1250 kanals. At present, in these blocks a number of 60000 Mulberry Plants are existing. The blocks are used as leaf reserves for leaf production and distribution among the needy silkworm rearers free of cost.

In the District 39 Incubation cum Chawki Rearing Centres are being setup annually. Silkworm seed is being incubated for distribution in the form of hatched Worms among silkworm rearers.