Prominent Personality



  • Anwar Shah Kashmiri known with honorifics as Sayyid Muhammad Anwar Shah ibn Mu’azzam Shah al Kashmiri was born in Warnow Lolab on 16th Nov 1875 in Sayyid family.
  • At the age of 14 Anwar Shah Kashmiri relocated to Deoband where he studied with Muhammad Hassan Deobandi and others, in 1896 he went to Rashid Ahmad Gangohi and obtained a teaching certificate in hadith.
  • In 1903 he came to Kashmir and established Faiz-e a’am Madrasah.
  • Anwar Shah Kashmiri also wrote poetry and often put his scholarly writings in that form his works include Mushkilat al-quran, Fayz al-barri sahih al-bukhari, Anwar al-baari.
  • Anwar Shah Kashmiri also participated in the Indian freedom struggle through the Jamiat Ulama-e-hind.
  • In 1933 he travelled to Deoband for medical care, he continued addressing students there until he died on 28th May 1933.
  • He was survived by his elder son Azhar Shah Qaiser and younger son Anzar Shah Kashmiri.

    Anwar shah Kashmiri will always be remembered as  The Pride of Kashmir .





  • Ali Mohammad Shahbaz known by his pen name Shahbaz was a Kashmiri poet, sitarist, calligrapher and teacher.
  • He was born on 1st May 1939 at his ancestral resident Mawer a village in north Kashmir Kupwara district.
  • Shahbaz was a teacher by profession and was appointed as principal of Govt Higher Secondary School Handwara until his death.
  • Kashmiri singers have song most of Shahbaz’s gazals and one of the famous among them is “Posh mati dilbar mea traevith kot gasekh yeth dilas armaan thaveth kout gasekh“.
  • Shahbaz was shot dead by an unidentified gunmen on 4th July 1996 at his native village.