District Kupwara is the northern frontier district with an area of 2379 square kilometers, having more than 240Kms of LOC and came into existence in the year 1979. The district kupwara is exquisitely beautiful with vibrant culture, diverse heritage, unique folklore and vast meadows. kupwara district  is located between Pir Pancha land Shams Bari mountain ranges. These mountain ranges have beautiful meadows and pastures in their bosom which provide grazing ground for cattle and sheep. Besides they also are health resorts and tourist spots for the adventurous souls.
These mountain ranges are traversed by famous passes like sadhna pass, Farkiyan Gali and Nagmarg Pass. These passes open into beautiful valleys of karnah, keran & Drawa areas. NagrmargPass connects Lolab valley with Sopore and Bandipora.

71.58% of the geographical area of Kupwara district is under forest cover. It has best of conifer forests with Deodar, Pine and Fir as main species. These forests are situated all along the Shams Bari mountain range barricading the valley in the north. The district is famous for walnuts, Red Rice of karnah and the Honey. About 68,500Ha of land is under agriculture and horticulture plantations in the district. Also known as walnut district, it produces over 50,000 tonnes of walnut annually in addition to contributing almost 3 lakh tones of apples every year.

According to census 2011 8.70 lakh of which 87% live in rural areas. The literacy rate stood at 64.51% in 2011, which is expected to increase significantly in the next census.

Rivers like Pohru, Mawar, Batmooji and Kishan Ganga having various varieties of fish like, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Snow trout, Shuddgrun and Anyour traverse the landscape of district kupwara like a pearl of strings.

District kupwara is blessed with the beautiful Bangus and Lolab Valley.


                                                                                                                Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal has also described the Lolab  valley as  :

پاني ترے چشموں کا تڑپتا ہوا سيماب

مرغان سحر تيري فضاؤں ميں ہيں بيتاب

   اے وادي لولاب  اے واديلولاب  

                                                           The tormented mercury of watery springs

                                                              Birds of a feather flock together

                                                             O valley of Lolab, O valley of Lolab