Mushroom Cultivation


Administrative Intervention:
Mushroom Cultivation was introduced in the District for the first time in year 2018-19 beginning with orientation programmes for few interested farmers that included first hand interaction with successful Mushroom Growers from Punjab and Haryana. 90 enterprising farmers from across the district were provided Mushroom compost prepared from wheat straw, ready-made spawn in addition to constant technical support and hand-holding throughout the growing season.


Human Endeavours:
Gh Nabi Bhat
, a progressive Farmer from Zachaladara took up Mushroom cultivation in his farm of around 2000 Sqm. “I was attracted to it as It requires minimal investment and less manpower which is an advantage for a poor Farmer. Initially I managed to get one or two Kg Mushroom per day from my farm, but gradually I learnt that Mushroom cultivation is a technical process that requires proper use of technology and guidance from experts. After continuous hard work and perseverance, my farm has now started yielding more than 20 Kg Mushroom per day with profit of Rs 60,000 in a short working season of one month.” He expects to harvest more than 50 Kg Mushroom per day from next season onwards and employ some more people to expand his business.

Mushroom    Mushroom2


Outcome for the District:
120 farming families across 14 villages in Trehgam and Handwara have taken up full-fledged mushroom cultivation and the annual production has touched 2000 Quintals for the district. The intervention has enabled income augmentation for these families in the twin seasons of May and October and the produce has found a ready market in the local Army and Para-Military units also. As a result, the initiative is being extended to Sogam and Tangdhar areas as well.