Handicrafts have been the main-stay of the UT’s Economy since Centuries. The dawn of modern era of industries least affected the viability of the crafts that always had the capacity to hold sway in even International Markets. Conscious of this colossal potential for economic activity of the sector, the Government has ever been according priorities for it’s over all development. A full fledged Department for projecting the crafts on wider scale was established on 1972-73.
In order to give greater impetus to the development of handicrafts, the Government have been constantly introducing new programmes and schemes. Craft Bazars and Expos are being organized in many places in the country and in these exhibitions the artisans come directly into contact with the customers and sell their products without the intervention of the middlemen. The artisans have been able to earn crores of rupees through these diversified marketing out-lets. To ensure that artisan have enough liquidity the Government has introduced Artisan Credit Card Scheme under which the Government pays 10% interest subsidy on loans upto to Rs.1.00 lacs for a period of 5 years.

The sole motive of the department is to impart training to the unemployed folk in every nook and corner of the district in the traditional crafts of Kashmir so as  to enable the youth to earn their livelihood viz a viz safeguard the culture and crafts of Kashmir for which the valley is known the world over by means of departmental initiatives and schemes including soft loans, formation of cooperatives, holding of exhibitions, seminars, awareness camps within and outside the state as well as the Country.

At present, in District Kupwara, more than 3000 artisans associated with the Crewel and Chain stitch Craft are producing goods worth lacs, thus contributing to UTs GDP.

❖ Creation of skilled manpower in the industry.
❖ Skill up-gradation of artisans for improved production level.
❖ Creation of new designs & preservation of exquisite handicrafts.
❖ Financial support/handholding to the artisans.
❖ Encouragement of craftsmen by granting UT awards.
❖ Marketing Support to the artisans.

Handicrafts at a glance- District Kupwara upto 2021-2022

Sno Object Achievements as on 31-03-2022 Achievements during current Year
1. Number of Training Centers in the district 28 28
2. Elementary Training Centers 18 18
3. Advance Training Centers 10 10
4. Crafts Being Practiced Crewel, Chain stitch, Gabba Embroidery, Sozni, Carpet Weaving, Aristaple, Namdah, Tweed Weaving Crewel, Chain stitch, Gabba Embroidery, Sozni, Carpet Weaving, Aristaple, Namdah, Tweed Weaving
5. Trainees Passed Out 14238 82
6. Artisans Registration 7408 430
7. No of artisans covered under Artisans Credit Card up to 31-03-2020 1167 0
8. 10 interest subvention paid up to 31-03-2020 2.12 Crores 0
9. No of Artisans covered under Credit Card Scheme for Artisans & Weavers 143 95
10. 07% interest subvention paid 3.50 Lakh 0
11. Revenue realized by the deptt. (during 2021-22) 8.832 Lakh 2.15 Lakh
12. Formulation of Cooperative Societies 121 47
13. Modern Carpet Looms 135 0


Activities & Schemes
➤ Impart training to un-skilled youth especially female folk in different craft categories.
➤ To register skilled person(s) as artisans with the department for availing benefits under departmental welfare schemes.
➤ Economic empowerment of artisans by providing soft loans through banks/financial institutions with 7% interest subvention.
➤ To form industrial Cooperatives under Self Reliant act 1999. Implementation of Karkhandar Scheme.
➤ UT level Awards in different crafts for outstanding performance/work for Artisans for their encouragement.
➤ Unit registrations.
➤ Introduction of Revised Education Scheme for Children’s of registered Artisans/weavers of Handicrafts and Handloom department.
➤ Marketing Support to craftsmen through various events organized by the department at national/ international level.

Programmes run under Centrally Sponsored Scheme:
Department of Handicrafts has established various skill development centers under RURBAN Mission, Aspirational District Programme, BDAP, SCA (Tribal Plan) with intake capcity of 276 Trainees. These training are given in different craft categories like Crewel, Ari Staple and Wood Carving.
Component wise details of achievements made during the period are  as:

Sno Name Of Programme No of Centers Established Achievements made(Figure in Number) Expenditure(In Lakh)
1. RURBAN Mission 4 80 17.00
2. ADP(Niti Aayog) 5 96 25.00
3. BADP 2 40 9.50
4. SCA (Tribal Plan) 3 60 12.75

Besides the above achievements/ progress, one elementary training center has been sanctioned by the District Administration Kupwara for establishment in Keran Sector wherein 20 female candidates of the area shall be trained in Sozni craft for a period of one year against a monthly stipend of Rs 1000 per trainee.


The Karkhandar scheme intends to:

  • Revive the languishing crafts.
  • Upscale the learning techniques of trainees.
  • Improve the wage earnings of the craftsmen by leading them into collectivization.
  • Create linkages with producer organizations to inculcate entrepreneurship skill and aptitude to the trainees.

Financial assistance is being provied as :
A) Rate of stipend per trainee/ per month: Rs.2000/- (Rs. 1000/- shall be paid through individual bank account and rest of the amount shall be disbursed on the successful completion of      probation/practical training session).
b) Logistic Charges/ Honorarium to Trainer/Karkhandar: Rs. 2000/- per trainee per month.

One center under Karkhander scheme has been setup in District Kupwara having 10 trainees.