Razia Sultan: State Awardee Handicrafts
A torch bearer for unemployed youth
(A success story)

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It is a universal fact that every person residing on this planet earth has desire to be a successful person. No matter or bar can stop one to go ahead and touch the sky, if one possesses qualitative perseverance and determination. A young girl from North Kashmir’s border district Kupwara, namely Razia Sultan has acted in a same manner to stand upon her own legs. After climbing the different steps of educational ladder, she never pinned hope on Government jobs, instead loved to take interest in the handicraft activities. “It was year 2013, when the Handicrafts Department, Kupwara established a Crewel Elementary Training Centre at my native village Trehgam and I among other girls got myself registered for the Crewel training Course against a monthly stipend of Rupees 500 per month”, said Razia Sultan, daughter of Mohammad Sultan Sheikh of historic Trehgam town. The initial training course had duration of one year and because of good response from the trainees, the batch was put to the advanced training for two more years in Advanced Training Course in Crewel craft against a monthly stipend of Rs 700 per month to each trainee”, said Razia adding that the course concluded in the year 2016. The love for craft was the passion of the girl. She never thought to leave it half way, as others do; instead she contacted Rahat Memorial Society, an NGO in the same town and got a job in the Society.  “I was engaged as Crafts Instructor in Crewel and my salary was fixed at Rs.2000 per month”, said Razia, adding that for her the amount of Rs.2000 in 2017 meant a lot. She was happy not because she was able to earn some money but more because she became a respectable teacher of the craft that she loved. Razia worked in the Society till March 2021 when the Society was closed. This time Razia’s will power and strength to hold up any situation was very high. She without losing any time started her own venture, connecting some other girls with the Crewel making. The unflinching character of the Razia Sultan to chase the target was recognized by the department of Handicrafts and Razia became State Award winner in Crewel craft. Since the inception of Handicrafts Department, no artisan in District Kupwara was able to qualify for State Award in any craft. The dream come true when Razia Sultan, an orphan, daughter of Late Mohd Sultan Sheikh, won the State Award – 2018 in Crewel Craft and stood on 3rd position throughout the UT of J&K. The Awardee has been given a Certificate of Excellence with cash Prize of Rs. 0.20 lakhs in the year 2021. The girl has bought laurels for herself as well as district Kupwara. During the same time, the Government of J&K UT announced the Karkhandar Scheme wherein the meritorious pass outs are given advanced training regarding the design and marketing and the Karkhana of Razia Sultan was covered under the said scheme for a period of six months thus enabling Razia Sultan to carry forward her dream business in the Handicrafts sector viz a viz handholding of the trainees of the Karkhana to strive for their success as well.

                 Razia Sultan has been getting all logistic support from the Government through Handicrafts Department Kupwara and with that help she made 285 meter crewel cloth during last 5 months and 35 meter more are under process. Besides, she has produced 236 Crewel Embroidered cushion covers. She said that during last 5 months she got revenue of Rs 160000.00 Lakhs for her Crewel work.  Razia said that she has given Crewel training to her younger sister Miss Aasiya Sultan, apart from other girls, who is also working with her to make the life sustainable in absence of their late father. The story of Razia Sultan is not only a  tale of how she is  earning livelihood for herself,  but it is also a  live success story for thousands of those people,  especially educated unemployed youth, who have commitment with their ability/worth and didn’t spoil their youth for mere sake of earning white collar job.


Remember, the Government is always at your doorsteps to support and shield the young boys and girls like Razia Sultan.