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    One District One Product (ODOP) 2024, Kupwara J&K


Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Kashmir Valley, Kupwara district in the union territory of  
Jammu and Kashmir holds a prominent position as the largest walnut growing area in the region. With its ideal
elevation ranging between 5000 to 8000 feet above sea level, Kupwara’s climate and conditions provide the
perfect environment for walnut cultivation, resulting in a flourishing walnut productivity.
Walnut cultivation in Kupwara is not merely a traditional practice; it plays a vital role in sustaining the local
communities. The district’s farmers have long practiced the art of propagating walnut trees through seeds and
grafting, ensuring the preservation of these valuable trees. To safeguard the natural beauty of the area and
prevent excessive felling, the government has implemented legislation to protect the walnut trees, recognizing
their significance in the region.
Kupwara’s walnut productivity extends beyond the cultivation of the fruit. The district has become renowned
for its thriving walnut wood carving industry, where skilled artisans craft intricate and exquisite furniture and
carved items using the high-quality walnut wood harvested from felled trees. This industry has become a lifeline
for approximately 9000 to 10000 people in the region, providing them with a reliable means of livelihood and
significantly contributing to the local economy.
The district boasts three distinct walnut varieties, each with its own unique characteristics. The WONTH variety
is known for its thick and large outer shell and small kernel, often utilized for extracting oil. Meanwhile, the
KAGAZI variety stands out with its thin outer shell and a good-sized inner kernel, making it convenient to crack
by hand. Lastly, the BURZUL walnuts, slightly darker in appearance, possess a tasty inner kernel that is easy to
crack. Interestingly, the BURZUL variety is acid-washed to mimic the appearance of KAGAZI before being graded
and exported to international markets, showcasing the region’s attention to quality.
Despite the agricultural challenges faced by walnut harvesting, Kupwara district has consistently recorded
impressive walnut productivity in the Kashmir Valley. The current year saw a record production of 30,894 metric
tonnes of walnuts, making it the highest-producing district in the region. The vast walnut farms cover 8,820
hectares of land, demonstrating the district’s commitment to this cherished crop.
To further support and promote the walnut industry, the government has established two Model Hi-Tech walnut
processing units (WPUs) in Sogam and Zirhama within Kupwara district. These modern facilities aim to enhance
walnut processing capabilities, streamline production, and improve overall productivity.
Additionally, the government has conducted awareness camps to educate people about the PMFME (ODOP)
Scheme. This scheme offers subsidies to individuals above 18 years of age with an 8th-grade education,
providing a 35% subsidy for value addition of food items like walnut processing units, apple processing, or
bakery units. This initiative encourages entrepreneurship and boosts the potential for growth within the walnut
Kupwara’s thriving walnut productivity not only sustains livelihoods but also contributes significantly to the
local economy. As the district moves forward, it endeavors to maintain its position as a land of walnuts,
preserving the legacy of this cherished crop. Balancing tradition with changing economic demands, Kupwara
continues to nurture its walnut productivity, symbolizing resilience, prosperity, and cultural significance for
generations to come.

One District One Product Kupwara (ODOP) 



Details of Nodal Officer ODOP Kupwara 

Name: Mushtaq Ahmad Kumar

Designation: Area Marketing Officer Kupwara

Mobile No: 9906702193


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