Skill Development


Administrative Intervention:
Kupwara is one of the 112 Aspirational districts in country selected by NITI Aayog and Skill Development is one of the 5 major developmental themes in this programme. Apart from NSQF compliant courses in Modern skills through Skill Development Department, a Special focus has been on Skill upgradation in the traditional arts of kani shawl, krewel, sozni, ari staple and Wood Carving. This is aimed at empowerment of young women at their doorsteps through Mobile Centres located in remote villages based on emerging Market requirements and Skill Gap analysis. Small remunerations to the budding trainees ensure regular participation and is a morale booster for the girls engaged in these Centres.


Human Endeavour:
Asmat Jan R/o: cherkote is a trainee from last one-year and this has changed her life completely. She was provided kani shawl weaving skills. Now she is empowered to work independently and earn handsome money. The financial incentive to her work has enhanced because of better marketing intervention by the department. Due to better return the life around Ms Asmat has changed and she says “now with money in hand I feel empowered to use it for better healthcare and save it for future”. She adds that her empowerment has worked positively and now she is being recognized in the society. Now she is an asset and encourages other women to take up soft skills provided by the government.



Outcome for the district:
The doorstep Centres have opened new avenues of self-employment at the local level enabling them to earn upto Rs 10,000 a month after completion of the 11 month long Courses. The Success Stories from the initial 3 Such Centres prompted the Administration to set up 13 Such Centres last year where 200 girls are undergoing courses and demands have propped up from several other Villages as well. NSDC Certifications are now being introduced that shall further enhance mobility for the aspiring candidates at the national and international levels.